About us

About us

Welcome to Helioplis Modern Language School

Heliopolis Modern Language School (HMLS) as a subsidiary of Modern School Group was established in 1977 by Mr.Mohamed Galal ( Heliopolis Modern Language School Founder ) to meet the demand for Egyptians and residents of Egypt by providing semi internationally recognized degrees, with highest standards.

We are considered as one of the well established and well known school in Egypt and have turned our student and staff into one big family, since 1977 HMLS have empowered thousands by providing them with High qualityEducation to achieve their academic objective to the point of optimum success.

HMLS wants that all students starting from baby class to high school to get joy in their mntal, physical, social and personal development. In HMLS we make an appropriate stimulating educational system motivating educational to students of all school grades including Pre Kg to Secondry.

Our Vision
We aspire to be renowned school which provides high quality education through the HMLS curriculum Modern School , Cairo EGYPT . In addition to physical and mental development and the exploration of interests, students also benefit from learning about time management and long-term commitments, making a contribution, and building solid relationship skills.

Our Mission
Heliopolis Modern Language Schooll will assist Egypt Government and private sector to realise the goals of the Egypt Government Strategy to build an Egyptian workforce that can effectively and efficiently manage the challenges of their future labour market.

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